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Anshan Lidi Pacific Printing Co., Ltd.

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Anshan Lidi Pacific Printing Co.,  Ltd.
Anshan Lidi Pacific Printing Co., Ltd.
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Name:Ms. Connie Zhang [Sales]
Instant Messaging:
Windows Live: connie.23printing@hotmail.com connie.23printing@hotmail.com
Skype: connie.23printing
Google Talk:  connie.23printing@gmail.com  connie.23printing@gmail.com
Phone Number:Phone number of Ms. Connie Zhang at Anshan
Address:No.155# HuNan Street,Tiedong District Anshan City Liaoning Province China
Anshan 114004, Liaoning
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Registration Date:Aug. 19, 2011
Last Updated:Aug. 19, 2011
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Packaging & Paper category

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Anshan Lidi Pacific Printing Co., Ltd. was founded on May 8, 1989, located in Liaoning province.
Our high-quality printing services will help you catch the eyes of the potential clients. We have factories of our own, and there are many advanced printing equipment and many well-trained and skilled technicians, all these together with our rich experience of more than 20 years in this line enable us to assure you the high quality and on time delivery.
Our business scope covers various color printing services, include the book printing, brochure printing, postcard printing, photo printing. Full color printing of magazines, posters, folders, wall calendars, desk calendars, package boxes, handbags, as well as various materials needed for enterprise market promotion. Our Heidelberg printing press will offer you a perfect full color printed matter.

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